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Jewish Heritage Center
An American Meeting: The Irish and Jews in the Nation's Urban Caldron

Join the Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center and historian Hasia Diner for a program about the entwined history of two of America's most influential immigrant groups.

Jewish Heritage Center
Nazis of Copley Square: The Forgotten Story of the Christian Front

Charles Gallagher discusses his gripping new book, Nazis of Copley Square, which provides a crucial missing chapter in the history of the American far right and tells a grim tale of faith perverted to violent ends, and a warning for those who hope to curb the spread of far-right ideologies today.

Jewish Heritage Center
At Home in the World: American Jewish Women Abroad, 1865-1940

Genevieve Wyner Annual Lecture | Join Dr. Melissa R. Klapper for this exploration of the lives and travel experiences of American Jewish women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.