From immigrant records to family histories to photographs, there's so much to explore in our Digital Library & Archives. Containing nearly 700,000 documents, the archives are fully searchable and enable you to research from anywhere with internet access. 

Aside from a few open access collections (see below for further details), researchers must request access to our digital collections. There is no cost to do so.

To request access to the Digital Library & Archives website, create a free guest account by filling out this form. You must then email your username to You will receive an email once your account has been approved. You can then return to the digital collections website and login with your newly created account credentials.

For more instructions on how to access and use our Digital Library & Archives, click here.

The following collections are open access and do not require a free guest user account:

For questions about the Digital Library & Archives, please email us at More information on our Digital Library & Archives, including tips for usage, and copyright, take down and citation policies, can be found here.