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Archives Nosh is a new collecting project from the Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center to preserve Jewish food traditions through recipes and storytelling. We invite you to help us grow our archival recipe collection by sharing your recipe(s) and family stories! We also hope you'll consider answering these questions along with your submission:

1) Why is this recipe important to you, or to your family?
2) What memories does this recipe conjure for you? 
3) What family traditions coincide with this recipe?
4) If you inherited the recipe from someone, have you made any changes to the recipe over the years?
5) What holiday food traditions are important to your family?

The JHC is currently accepting digital copies of recipes that are handwritten, typed, or copied from a book. We also will accept donations of physical cookbooks/recipe books! If you have a book you would like to donate, please email us at to tell us more. 

Your recipe and story may be used in a social media post, printed material, or in an upcoming educational program (either online or in-person). Please let us know if you do not want us to share it, but note that all restrictions placed on the recipe expire in 25 years. 

For an example of how we might use your recipe, you can view our online program, "Kitchen Explorations," in partnership with the Jewish Arts Collaborative, Vilna Shul, and chef Michael Leviton by visiting


Submitting Your Recipes

Please email the JHC at with your recipes. Include your name, address, email address, and phone number with your submission. By submitting these materials as a gift to the Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center at NEHGS, you acknowledge that you are the owner of these materials and have the unrestricted authority to give them to the JHC. You will retain copyright but grant nonexclusive permission to the JHC to use these materials in educational programs (online or in-person), or on social media platforms, the JHC website, and in print materials.