The Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center (JHC) at New England Historic Genealogical Society is a destination for exploring and preserving the histories of Jewish families and institutions in New England and beyond. The JHC engages historians, genealogists, partner organizations, and the general public in the study of Jewish history, culture, and legacies through its extensive archival collections, educational programs, exhibits, and public events. It is the only historical center dedicated to, and specializing in, New England Jewish history.

Formerly the American Jewish Historical Society (AJHS)-New England Archive, the JHC began a collaboration with the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) in 2010; in 2015, the two entities formalized the partnership by creating the Jewish Heritage Center, with a strengthened mission to enhance Jewish historical and genealogical research and to be a premier site for collection and preservation of Jewish history. In 2018, the center was named for Justin and Genevieve Wyner, in recognition of their longstanding support and advocacy.

With the AJHS-New England archive at its center and with new collections being added throughout the year, the Wyner Family Jewish Heritage Center has more than 2 million records in its archives, and more than 600,000 searchable documents in its digital collections. These physical and digital collections are used by scholars, researchers, and institutions from around the world. The JHC also offers educational programs and public events at its Boston home, in the community, and online. Members have full access to the research websites and libraries of both the JHC and NEHGS, in addition to other benefits. 

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