Subject Files: Collection II

“A Refuge in the Country,” 2009
Printed booklet by the Lisbon, Connecticut Historical Society about the Anshei Israel Synagogue. Located in Lisbon, the small, wooden structure was built in 1936 and served the small community of Orthodox Jews in surrounding towns. The synagogue, no longer active, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

American Jewish Historical Society Publications, 1946, 1954
Contains two publications of AJHS. The first, “Memorable Documents in American Jewish History” was published in 1946 and contains copies of various documents found in the archives of AJHS. The second, “Publication of the American Jewish Historical Society” is an academic publication that includes articles by Mark Bortman and Joshua Bloch. It was published in1954.

Articles on Jewish Music, undated, 1948
Includes “Suggested Program for A Jewish Music Activity” published by the National Jewish Music Council of the National Jewish Welfare Board, “The Scope of Jewish Music” by Judith K. Eisenstein, and “Yiddish Folksong of the Eastern European Jews” by Ruth Rubin.

Bar Mitzvah Booklet of Henry Myron Cohen, Winthrop, Mass., 1938
Oversized booklet with information on the Bar Mitzvah ceremony and history, inscribed in honor of Henry Myron Cohen.

The Barron Family Tree: A History of the Barron and Schwartz/Cohen Branches” by Carl F. Barron, 2007
Family history and genealogy of the Barron, Schwartz and Cohen families.

Bernstein, Leonard, 2006
Contains the program for “A Celebration of the Life of Leonard Bernstein” in Sharon, Massachusetts on June 24-25, 2006 at Sharon High School, and “Leonard Bernstein: Boston to Broadway,” held at Harvard University, on October 12-14, 2006.

“Beyond Rules” by Larry DiMatteo and Samuel Flaks, 2010
Article published in the Harvard Law Review about Harvard professor  Nathan Isaacs, who was at Harvard in the 1920s and 1930s.

Boston Action for Soviet Jewry, 2010-2011
Contains DVDs with oral histories conducted by Glenn Richter with Zale Anis, Sergey Broude, Bailey Barron and Judy Patkin, all active in the Soviet Jewry movement in Boston.

Boston Garden Rally, May 2, 1943
Copies of news clippings about the May 2, 1943 rally for European Jewry  at the Boston Garden.

Boston Section, National Council of Jewish Juniors, “The Red Mill,” 1930
Play program for “The Red Mill,” which was performed at the Boston  Opera House on May 6, 1930.

Bradstreet’s Map Book, 1870
Very fragile Bradstreet’s map book from 1870.

Chelsea, Massachusetts 1908 Fire Postcards, 1908
Postcards depicting the devastation following the Chelsea, Massachusetts fire of 1908, including images of City Hall, the view of the fire from East Boston and Arlington Street, Chelsea. The fire occurred on April 12, 1908.

Congregation Beth-El Keser Israel, New Haven, Conn., 1985
Contains the 25th anniversary book from the synagogue.

Copies of Photographs, undated
Copies of photographs from AJHS collections, used in exhibits.

“The Costumer,” 1969
A publication of the National Costumers Association.

David Pokross Oral History Interviews, 1979 [2010]
Originals at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. Contains two  CDs of interviews with David Pokross.

Epstein, Mary Wolfman, undated, 1975
Contains a photograph of Mary Wolfman Epstein and a copy of her  written work, “Social Foundations of the Arts.”

Exhibition Brochure for Louis Kronberg, 1941
From the Guild of Boston Artists on Newbury Street, Boston.

Exploring Jewish Sites-Israel and Egypt, with Rami Salami, 1993
VHS tape.

Federated Jewish Charities, 1926
Annual report of the Federated Jewish Charities, one of the founding organizations of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston.

“The Franks: A Family Tree History of the Frank, Novachovich and Levitan Branches” by Carl F. Barron
Family history and genealogy of the Frank, Novachovich and Levitan families.

“From Minsk to Massachusetts” as told by Charles D. Schoolman, 1996
Transcribed oral history.

Fromm, Herbert, 1959-1960
“What is Jewish Music?” by Herbert Fromm, a paper read at the opening  concert of the New England Jewish Music Forum’s 1959-1960 season, and “Report of a Journey,” a travelogue of Fromm’s trip to Italy and Israel.

Genealogy of Annie Holsberg, 1996
Compiled by Al and Peg Rosenfield.

Genealogy of Clara (Chia) Finestone, 1997
Compiled by Al and Peg Rosenfield.

Genealogy of Samuel Lavetts, 1997
Compiled by Al and Peg Rosenfield.

Jewish Farmers, 2011
Article about the book, “A Life of the Land: Connecticut’s Jewish  Farmers.”

Havurah Workshop, Philip Lown Graduate Center, 1976
Materials and information about Havurah workshops.

Jewish Sheet Music, undated
Contains sheet music for “Chanukah Candles,” “Kiddush (L’Pessach)”  by Reverend Moshe Bazian, “Hora Lo Nivhalnu,” “By the Waters of Babylon,” “Pis’chu Li,” “Oif’n Boidem Shloft Der Dach,” Bloch’s Catalog of Jewish Music, “Ma Tovu,” “A Chanukah Songster,” “Hassidic Service for Sabbath Eve,” “Evening Service for the New Year,” “Schon Blumelein,””Let’s Sing,” “Bo-Dodi,” “Horra,” “Goren,” “Horra Agadati,” “Hava Nagila,” “Mayim-Mayim,” and “The Miller’s Tears.”

Judaica Books, undated, 1916, 1930
Techinah, Grace and Blessings, Hebrew prayer book.

Kindergarten Fund Letter, Beth Sholom School, Brooklyn, N.Y., undated
Letter to community members for fundraising purposes.

Letter to Michigan Jewish History, 1982
Letter from a Jewish man concerned about the high instance of intermarriage.

Materials on Israeli-Arab Relations and the Middle East, undated, 1946, 1953, 1966-1970, 1974-1979
Miscellaneous materials.

Message to Israel, 1974
Booklet on Israel and the Middle East.

Meeting Minutes Ledger, undated
In Yiddish; organization unknown.

Miscellaneous Books and Pamphlets on Judaism, 1919, 1928, 1956-1957, 1959, 1961-1962, 1965, 1970
“The Menorah Journal,” “Expressions from the Pulpit and the Pew,” “The Jewish Digest,” “Sigmund Freud, the Jew,” “What is Jewish?” “Breaking the Silence: Why a Mother Tells her Son about the Nazi Era,” “My Pen is a Ready Tongue,” “Buber on Education,” “Current,” “The Jew and Christmas,” “The Treatment of Jews in History and Social Studies Textbooks in Use in American High Schools.”

“Mishmash: My ‘After-Mash’ Experiences,” 2009
Memoir by Richard Kahn about his experiences during the Korean War.

National Museum of American Jewish History, 2010
Miscellaneous marketing materials.

Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook, undated
Clippings are in Yiddish.

Passover Books, undated, 1923
“Form of Services for the Passover,”“Passover Service with Illustrations,” and “Passover” (3 copies.)

Prayer Books, undated
Prayer books used by Jewish chaplains during World Wars I and II. Also  included are prayer books from the early 20th century.

Salute to the Rebbe King Moshiach, 1993
Photograph of a sign carried behind an airplane with that salutation.

Selihot-Prayers for Forgiveness, compiled by Rabbis Hillel and Morris Silverman, 1954

Stein, Jack, undated, 1945, 1963-1964
Correspondence and newsletters to and pertaining to Jack Stein, who was  interested in developing a Jewish community center in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Temple Beth-El, Chelsea, Mass., 1929
Dedication book.

“Yes, he’s a Jew,” by John Paul Cosgrave, undated
Transcription of poem.

Yiddish News Digest, 1964
Publication of the American Jewish Congress.

Yom Hashoah Commemoration, 2009
DVD of Yom Hashoah Commemoration at Temple Emanuel in Newton,  Massachusetts.

United Synagogue Youth Oral History Project, 1976
Materials and cassette tapes.